Our Mission

To provide wounded veterans and their family members with much needed information about entrepreneurship, industries, business functions and requirements, and opportunities to build their own businesses or to find a meaningful career in an industry of their choice.

100 Entrepreneurs Foundation was created to provide seriously wounded service members, veterans and their families with information and ideas for creating their own businesses or exploring civilian jobs after they leave the hospital.  While they learn how to ski, scuba, and golf on artificial limbs and post brain injuries, our program shows them that the job market in civilian life includes creating new companies, including 8(a) businesses for government contracting.  The veterans have a great many ideas for new businesses, addressing every market and in just about every industry.  To support injured service members, veterans and their families, more than 100 Entrepreneurs have been interviewed and through their case studies, presentations and mentorship, they have provided the wounded with their stories, ideas, insights, and wisdom.

100 Entrepreneurs started in 2006 and continues with classes provided every other week during the spring and fall.  Attendees include a mix of high school graduates and individuals preparing to attend college or graduate school after their recovery.  They represent a wide range of ranks and backgrounds.  They have interests in a broad spectrum of industries, from franchise restaurants and barber shops to consulting and real estate management.  Most are in the hospital recovering from surgeries, while some have moved on but return to the hospital to participate in the program.  While the program does not provide a degree, it does provide ideas and inspiration.  Many won’t start their own business (yet) but will leave the hospital with more information on businesses in the civilian world.

Team members have interviewed more than 100 entrepreneurs across over 80 industries. Classes include entrepreneur speakers addressing a range of business functions, presentations on aspects of starting and building a business, and case studies written from the interviews.  We have connected participants with mentors, reviewed their business cases, and helped them conduct market research on their business ideas.  Some have been helped with a specific business concept, while others have started to see opportunities for their lives after recovery.  We base our success on the number of participants whose eyes light up with a new idea or inspiration.

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